At Kuckucksmuehle we decided to get a couple of Marans chickens.

  • During the morning, put the food you collected (compost, bread, …) in the fenced area. Remove old food.
  • Check the water feeders inside and outside, refill if necessary
  • Check whether the chicken house floor needs to be cleaned… ie does it smell?, does it look too messy?
  • Check the nest boxes for eggs. If there are eggs put them in the pantry with a note of the current date

Chickens are vulnerable animals and need protection. As we have to count with our neighbours Ms. Raccoon an Mr. Fox, we installed a coop and a fence around the chicken yard.


[Size of the coop? Always straw?]

Because chickens are more likely to be attacked during the night, the door of the coop must be closed every evening. We are currently automating this, more info can be found here.


[minimum size ? move it from time to time?]

Chickens need a place with shadow. We also placed some old wood on the grass, as this attracts worms, which chickens love.

Chickens eat a lot of different things. There are, however, important things to know about their diet.

What you should never give to the chickens, because it might kill them:

  • Dried or raw beans
  • Moldy food
  • Avocado skin or stone (flesh is OK in moderation)
  • Green potatoes or green tomatoes
  • Chocolate

What they don't like:

  • Onion
  • Raw potato (apparently)

What you can give:

  • Eggshell (yes, nature is strange)
  • Bread, rice, noodles, …

What they love:

  • Worms
  • Slugs
  • Snails
  • Flies or any other flying insects

Chickens need water inside and outside the coop. We built a water feeder with recycled materials.

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