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Last updated: 24/01/2019

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Your privacy and security of your personal information is important to us. This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, process and disclose your personal information, in conjunction with your access and use of EHF Sites.

Eco Hacker Farm (EHF) and each project that publishes information and use the EHF Sites care about the confidentiality and security of your information. This Privacy Policy applies to information that Eco Hacker Farm collects through the EHF websites when you interact with EHF, with its projects, with other users, and generally with the EHF sites.

Your information is received and controlled by EHF according to this Privacy Policy when you sign up for an wiki account, the Project Management System or otherwise use the EHF Sites.

If you do not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please do not access, browse, or register for the EHF Sites. If you choose not to provide certain information required to provide you with various services offered on the EHF Sites, then you may not be able to establish a user account or obtain those services.

Any version of this Privacy Policy in a language other than English is provided for convenience and you understand and agree that the English language version will control if there is any conflict.

This Privacy Policy is organized as follows:

  • Information that EHF collects from you (including Personal Information)
  • Cookies and Tracking Technologies on the EHF Sites
  • How your information is used
  • How your information is shared
  • How to manage your Personal Information
  • Storage & Security
  • Contact information
  • Glossary
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