Permaculture Design for an urban life - workshop (EN)

A hands-on and immersive workshop taking you through the permaculture principles and helps you to design and adapt your life to become more sustainable, connected to self, others and the earth. Centered around life in the urban jungle this workshop is for urbanites who wish to be inspired by new ideas on how to slow down and recuperate some of the benefits of living in a vibrant and connected reality.

Bring with you paper, colored pens and an open mind. No previous permaculture knowledge is necessary. Pre-booking is encouraged - [[|email]]

Donations happily accepted <3

Workshop run by Aimee Fenech, [[user:aimeejulia|Aimee]] is co-founder of [[start|Eco Hacker Farm]], originally from the world of wealth management and finance, she eventually quit her job for a more ecological lifestyle running an eco-community, teaching permaculture and advocating for open source and free software.

  1. Introduction round - defining oneself (15min)
  2. Intro to permaculture principles (30min)
  3. Permaculture design tools (15min)
  4. Guided Hands on design time (60min)
  5. Presentation of designs and group feedback (40min)
  6. Closing round (20min)
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