Welcome to the Mill!

Before you arrive you should:

When you arrive you should:

  • register on the PMS
    • alert the project manager to give you access
    • read this.
    • if you got access make your self familiar with open tickets
    • on the first days it's easier to do easier tasks - cleaning, cooking - till you familiar with more in the coming days
  • register on the this wiki
    • alert the project manager to give you access to internal content
  • make friends with the dogs
  • check out our need and want list

Before you leave you should:

  • update your tickets
    • change tickets to done if done
    • otherwise update description what should be done to finish it or what the problems are
    • deassign your self from the tickets
  • clean your room
    • take away any rubbish
    • hover your room
    • clean the window sill(s)
    • put new bed sheets on and leave a note (“Clean” or “Welcome! These are clean bedsheets!”)
      • if there is no note nobody knows if the sheets are clean or not
    • dust the furniture
    • if something is broken, remove it and alert project manager
    • put the used sheets in the laundry bin
  • settle the bar tab
    • if you don't have cash ask about alternative methods of payment (paypal, bitcoin, etc.)
  • write something in the guest book (normally it's in the kitchen otherwise you can ask for it - brown leather bound book)
  • if you leave with the train
    • if you need lift tell people with a car at least one day before (24h)
    • make sure you have enough cash with you - you can't pay with card in the train
  • put unwanted and useful stuff in the donation box
    • clothes need to be washed before going in the donation box
    • other things should be clean and dry
  • support the project by making a donation if you can

If you want to add information and documentation, you should do that here in the wiki. At the moment you have to register on this website to add information. In the future that will be hopefully not necessary anymore.

You should read how we handle the Garbage/Rubbish/trash/Müll.

Here you can read what is usually in the pantry. You can also read more about the kitchen.

We try to grow as much of our food as possible, you can read have a look at our gardens here.

Personal food

Personal food that needs to be in the fridge should be labelled with your name and stored in the fridge that is in the dorm.

Food that is not suitable for the fridge should be stored in the pantry, it is very important to put your name on it. Anything without a name on it will be assumed that it belongs to the communal food and eaten.

If your stay is in the heating period, you should read the oven instructions.

If you want to use “The Internet” read the how to use it here. After that we'll give you happily the wifi password. You could also read the documentation of our local infrastructure and services.

In the summer we do not have hot water in the house, the outdoor shower however if fantastically warm most sunny days.

In the winter we use the indoor bathroom for showering.

IMP: Please use only ecological friendly soap, if you are not sure whether your soap is good enough please ask the project manager for confirmation. If you don't have any ecofriendly soap don't worry we have natural soap for 1 Eur in the bar.

Here you can read more info about the bathroom

We do our best to keep the house in good order, to that effect everyone should know what to do when it rains

Here you'll find important information about the mill that we wish not to make public. This is where we describe how to handle objects/tools that are valuable and where they are stored on the property so you can easily find them when you need them.

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