Redmine Hosting Service

The community provides paid services to 3rd parties in order to keep the project going. By using our services you are not only supporting and providing a livelihood of the members but you are also supporting the project.

Redmine is an opensource project management system to keep any kind of project on track. It allows the user to:

  • create tasks & subtasks
  • organise tasks by using tags
  • assign tasks to users
  • specify details of how tasks should be carried out
  • prioritize tasks
  • track how many hours a task takes
  • allow users to check how many hours they worked
  • update task status

If you want to see it in action (limited view for non-approved users) you can look at it here and read the guide here.

For non-profit organisations and communities in the Eco Hacker Farm Network:

€2 per month / billed annually

For other organisations / businesses / individuals:

€50 per annum / billed annually

If you have questions or would like to book these services please send an email to kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org.

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