Kuckucksmühle - how do we measure up with the Ideals

How Kuckucksmühle fulfills the ideals of Eco Hacker Farm.

We're have a garden and some areas around the property with separate beds. We use no-tilling methods, mulching, spaces to enjoy the garden, companion planting: Garden

We're recycling mostly into the German recycling system: seperating glass, paper, green point/yellow bin (90% of package material falls in this category), rest garbage.

We reuse certain kind of bottles, jars, egg boxes, paper carton, plastic containers.

We compost all organic materials. We built a compost toilet and produce humanure for the garden.

We want to collect rainwater for our needs (still in process). We try to avoid harming the soil by using non tilling methods in the garden. We try to buy/organise regrowing wood from responsible forests in our region.

For sure we don't use chemicals or pesticides in the garden. :)

We want to produce our own soap to reduce chemicals in shampoos and soap we use - body hygiene and for dish washing.

We use solar energy and wood heating and buffer it for hot water and the heating. It needs still adjustment to perform better but the system is a really good start for improvements.

We also plan to build a Biomeiler to reduce our heating costs.

We have our own black and gray water treatment system. Also a compost toilet. We use wood as our heating resource and getting it from cutting own trees and local forests owned by locals.

See Events

We organise a non public festival.

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