Kuckucksmühle: Financial & Occupancy Records

Here we provide information as to how we manage this project from a financial perspective. Information is added on a monthly basis and includes a variety of aspects.

2018 - Year to date

Data last updated: 08/05/2018

Source Amount in Euro
Donations 302.86
Donations for drinks 885.75
Total 1,188.61

Material donations in 2018

Franz donated a car gifted to him by his mother to the project.

Rent, Heating, Internet & Telephone

We have an arrangement with the property owners to cover the rent, heating, internet (WIFI) and telephone costs in return for property management services as there are no financial transactions for Kuckucksmühle in this regard this is omitted from the figures here quoted. Satellite internet is paid for by the project and the costs are included in the accounts.


Carried forward from last year

Outstanding liabilities Amount in Euro
2016 -2,959.52
2017 -5,579.03
Total -8,538.55

Loans for 2018

Source Amount in Euro
Loans from members 2,652.96
Loan repayments -290.50
Total outstanding loan repayments 2,362.46


Type of cost Amount in Euro
Food bill 1,701.74
Fuel 322.56
Maintenance 399.64
Enhancement 0
Bar cost 661.35
Total 3,085.29
Amount in Euro
Total incoming 1,348.20
Total outgoing -3,648.85
Year to date balance -2,300.65

Occupancy Levels per month in 2018

Month Visitor days Permanent Members days
January 82 124
February 94 112
March 77 88
April 126 120
Running totals 379 425
Grand total 804
Average occupancy per day 7

Archive Financial Summaries from previous years

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