IT-MeetUp 2016-11-05

After the success of the first two IT-Meetings we can't wait for the next one. (Add suggestions to this article or send an email to kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org).

Everyone is invited who is interested in IT and comes with an open mind and urge to discuss, hack and chill.

We will also be having a couple of (less IT related) workshops:

Please get in contact with us beforehand so we can easily plan when people need to get from the train station, a room or additional food/drinks/stuff.

When you have a sleeping bag and a camping mat, we easily find you a place to sleep also. Bring a torchlight.

If you want to come, add representative characters in the Croodle.

Here you will find specific instructions how to get here.

We don't have enough Laptops/Computers for everybody: Bring your own Device!

We always need hardware for the projects. You are invited to bring what ever you think can be useful. E.g Cat Cables, Mini USB Cables, SD-Cards, raspberries, arduinos, flying cameras, motors, sensors etc. .

This article may be updated with more information till and after the event.

You want to come? Go to the Croodle

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