Baking in the Bakery!

Book here if you want to stay overnight

We meet to bake in the bakery house, pizza, cakes and bread.

If you would like to learn how to make bread there will be a bread making workshop starting at 9am.

We will be open for the public at 11am, baking pizza, bread and cakes.

You can bring your goods to be baked, please understand that controlling the temperature with a stone oven which is wood fired can be hard, come early so that you avoid being disappointed.

To support the event you can donate:

  • wood
  • bread/cake molds
  • flour
  • seeds
  • money to fix the bakery roof, for ingredients & support for the project

You can also bring food to share with others, and if you wish to help set up we will start at 9am, there will be plenty of things to do such as setting up tables, making tea & coffee, baking, food preparation etc.

If you are a musician, would you like to bring your acoustic and add a touch of art to the event?

You can come and start overnight at Kuckucksmuehle from Saturday to Sunday, we have shared room accomodation, to cover the costs for your stay we would kindly ask for a donation if you can afford it, bringing food to share also helps. To heat up the oven we will have a nice evening in the bakery on Saturday night.

The baking event is free however donations are welcome.

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