9. IT-Meetup 2017-04-01

#IT-Focused #Hacking

Everyone is invited who is interested in IT or sustainable ecological living and wants to come with an open mind and urge to help, discuss, hack, chill and socialize.

We decided to have for every event now a goal. So we can work together towards it.

We still don't have an infrastructure, how we log all our data, but it should be think about it. Specify what infrastructure we need and what software we want to use and work on that till the next Month.

We still need to connect the wifi antennas on the attic with our network. And put more antennas in the house. For that we need more LAN-Cable (with two male parts), at least two network sockets and then we prepared everything for hacking in the garden bakery or in the yard.

  • Review the infrastructure state (documentation vs running, add documentation)
  • Backup & Update core systems
  • Install Satellite Internet
  • Install Cacti

For people who want to join but are less interested in IT, we have gardening tasks. We can explain what we thought about the permaculture design and how we want to work.

We need to prepare food, keeping order, heating and if you want you can search for other task as well to enhance the place for the people. :)

Please get in contact with us beforehand so we can easily plan when people need to get from the train station, a room or additional food/drinks/stuff.

If you have a sleeping bag and a camping mat, we can easily find you a place to sleep. Bring a torchlight.

Here you will find specific instructions on how to get here.

If you want to come, add representative characters in the Croodle.

We don't have enough Laptops/Computers for everybody: Bring your own Device!

We always need hardware for the projects. You are invited to bring what ever you think can be useful. E.g Cat Cables, Mini USB Cables, SD-Cards, raspberries, 220V to usb converters, multiple socket outlets, arduinos, flying cameras, motors, sensors etc. Network cables would be great too!

Check out our need and want list.

Repeat: If you want to come, add representative characters in the Croodle.

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