Pumpkin & Potato Soup

Since we have plenty of pumpkins it is good to create tasty recipes for everyone to enjoy.

  • onions fried (1 small onion per person)
  • potatoes chopped small (1 big potato per person)
  • pumpkin chopped small (1 fist sized portions per person)
  • add some chopped cabbage or other vegetable in hand (handful)
  • seasoning, herbs and spices to make it interesting (fresh herbs from the garden priority! - please check what we have before you start cooking)

Cooking time should be around 30 minutes after boiling has begun.

Stir the soup so that it does not stick to the bottom.

  • Fry onions with brown sugar - 1 tablespoon
  • Add potatoes and cover in water, boil for 10 min
  • Add pumpkin and boil until potatoes are soft
  • Add seasoning, salt, pepper, paprika, to taste and any other herb you like from the garden
  • Taste the soup, if the pumpkin is very sweet add more salt
  • Check the potatoes. When the potatoes are cooked your soup is ready. For a creamy soup you can blend it.
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