Full Wolf Moon Sisterhood Gathering 2023

Date held: 5th February 2023

Dear Sisters,

Thank you all who have registered to attend this second full snow moon sisterhood gathering, I honor here the deeply touching shares from the sisters who made it so special and acknowledge those sisters who unfortunately could not make it this time. You are all warmly invited to the next Full Moon Sisterhood Gathering at the Worm Moon on March 7th. You can register for the session here:

Here's the reflections we explored together today for those of you who couldn't make it but would like to gift yourself some self-reflection time as we go forth into the next month:

Assess where am I now: 

  • If you have set intentions in the previous moon cycle, what are they?
  • what have you learned about yourself?
  • which ones feel alive for you to take forward?
  • what do you need in place for the support to recommit?

Take a few deep breaths and visualize: 

  • Imagine your efforts have come to life and you are becoming in your own sovereign being. What do you see for yourself? 

Share what we learn and give what we can 

  • Who will you be when your intentions see the light of the day in your everyday life?

Three deep breaths for centering in self, others and with the universe.  Stepping into self-compassion and grace. 

Express gratitude To yourself for showing up and doing the work and to your support system. Hold yourself in self-comfort.

From me to you I would like to extend my offer of support to you as part of pledge I made this year to support women whenever I can, so please do reach out if you need to have a heart to heart or want to hear what an awesome, powerful woman you are <3 you can always book a chat with me here or just send me an email or message.

The full moon sisterhood gatherings are offered freely at no cost but if you feel called to make a donation this is gratefully accepted by paypal

Love to you all

– Jyo & Aimee 

Full Moon Sisterhood Gatherings

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