Identification of users within a niche for our Olives

Cares about:

  • what food products they put in their body (organic)
  • the environment/eco-regeneration
  • the well-being of farmers/fair produced
  • carbon sequestration/climate change

Wants to:

  • build a relationship with the farm & farmer, farming team
  • feel that they are contributing towards a better way of producing food
  • preserve centenary olives
  • advocate for regenerative agriculture with their friends/family/others
  • receive and consume an excellent quality product

Has access to:

  • Disposable income for a premium product

Is used to:

  • Personal service
  • Good quality product including design and packaging
  • Quick order process
  • Subscription option eg annual recurring order

Is interested in:

  • The option of visiting the farm
  • how the farm works to various degrees
  • the impact of their contribution to the farm
  • the impact of the farm and the farming practices see sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals

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