Finca Verde - Farm to table Model - feasibility study for almonds

Subject Value unit Comments / Observations
Harvest in 2021 - Marcona type 200 KG Amount may be inflated as the farmer is unsure how much is from his other plot of land
Harvest in 2021 - another type 550 KG Amount may be inflated as the farmer is unsure how much is from his other plot of land
Financial costs in 2021 for almond parcel unknown Euros The farmer has someone come into plough the land totally bare to make the harvest easier
Income in 2021 for Marcona type 320 Euro Amount inflated see comments above
Income in 2021 for another type 550 Euro Amount inflated see comments above
Average yield per tree unknown KG New trees are planted to replace dead trees - Marcona variety because the price per KG is better
Amount of trees - Marcona unknown trees to estimate average yield per type we will need to be able to distinguish between the types and manually count the trees
Packaging costs 0 Euro the current crop is sold wholesale with the shell on
Shipping costs neg Euro some diesel to drive the crop to the wholesaler in town
Licencing costs 0 Euro no present licence to sell directly to consumer
Fertilizer unknown Euro some uncomposted animal dung from the horse, inorganic fertilizer
Pesticide unknown Euro
Herbicide unknown Euro for the ground to be completely clear of growth even after the rain I have to assume he sprayed it.
Method Details Cost Comments
Platform Crowdfarmingunknown email sent to to ask for more information re costs and shipping arrangements
  • We practice regenerative agriculture practices
  • Handpicked Almonds are grown on unirrigated/rainfed land saving according to a recent study 1) 13,080 litres of water per kg
  • Cut out the intermediary, a fairer price for the regenerative farmer
  • Produced using 0 chemicals on recovering degraded land
  • Farmed using permaculture principles and ethics of earth care, people care and fair share

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