Eco Hacker Farm Application for Next Steps Project 2023 - 2025

Eco Hacker Farm work has been mostly on a volunteering basis funded by freelance income.

What work would you like to get funding for & how much funding would that require?

Taking Eco Hacker Farm work at Finca Verde and document it this includes testing and implementation of Regenerative Agricultural practices for transitioning from conventional agriculture to organic permaculture farming in temperate Mediterranean climate / hardiness zone 9 with the aim to:

  • increase biodiversity
  • reduce water needs
  • reduce water loss through evaporation, leaks etc.
  • increase water catchment areas
  • increase carbon capture
  • offer right livelihood opportunities to people living in the area
  • contribute to the local food cycle / circular economy / community building
  • provide a learning space for visitors , students and researchers from the colab and beyond
  • research natural centenary olive tree care and preservation practices
  • engage in research and experimental adaptation practices
  • research protection from wild fires
  • connect with and grow the local to global permaculture network

The funding required would be calculated using an equitable wage rate of 25GBP per hour and capital costs at = 60,000 GBP split over 3 years

Drawing research out into the open making it accessible and available for the Permaculture Movement and beyond. Creating a community of practice in the colab and within our region.

The project was awarded 30,000 € paid over 3 years.

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