Moomoo & Aimee

Moomoo is the youngest of the pack, he is very friendly and very playful. He is a cross breed of pointers probably involving a german shorthaired pointer. He is bred to be obedient, energetic and fast to hunt.

When he gets to know you better he likes to be petted and cuddled and he absolutely loves to run after anything that flies so throwing his ball around would make him happy. It's also good to stroke him and tell him what a good boy he is. He tends to feel the cold more because of his short fur, if you see him shivering cover him with a blanket.

Moomoo loves people and being outside, if you are going to stand on the land and would like to have him with you please make sure you keep an eye on him as he likes to terrorize other dogs and the resident farm cat. If you are going to take him with you please make sure he is wearing his harness and that you are willing to keep an eye out for him. If you are working and will be distracted it is better to leave him in the house.

When you go out of the door please make sure that the dog doesn't go out with you accidentally, he is very good at sneaking out. Ensure the door is closed behind you properly before you walk away.

Commands he responds to include:

  • sit
  • stay
  • barra = out
  • wait
  • slowly
  • walk (avoid this word in front of him unless you are actually taking him for a walk)
  • no
  • ersaq = get out of the way

If you feel comfortable with the dog and would like to walk him:

  1. always ask Aimee first
  2. check that the harness is put on properly
  3. doesn't need to go on the lead but you should take it with you just in case you need to (can be the long lead)- the lead should be attached to the harness and not the collar! IMP
  4. walk within the boundaries of the land, see the electric fence for reference
  5. he likes to run but if you call him back to you he will come back

IMP he reacts to other dogs, if you see another dog make sure you grab him from the harness and put the lead on and walk away as fast as possible. If that happens please walk him back to the house as he will go back to see if the dog is gone the first chance he gets.

If he gets into a dog fight do not put yourself in danger, grab the dog by the harness and drag him off.

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