Permaculture Design for happiness & resilience

Using the Japanese concept of Ikigai “reason for being” - learn about applied permaculture design, about yourself and produce a design for happiness and resilience.

Many of us are facing challenges that are forcing us into unknown territory, this is an opportunity to look at ways in which you can become more resilient, find your strengths and explore ways you can use them in service to the world.

This is a blended learning course and comes in 2 formats:

  • Individual - access the course at your own pace, connect with others on the forum to share experiences (optional)
  • Lively Cohort - attend the course with a small group of like minded people, work in groups, attend convivial cohort meetings, go through the design journey in community

This course is for you if you are looking for a more balanced and happy life, it is for you if you are looking to better yourself and the world around you and it is for you if you feeling lost, overwhelmed and helpless and do not know where to start.

No previous permaculture knowledge is required. We invite you to take this course with an open mind and an open heart.

  • Network weaving - introductions in the forum / cohort get to know each other
  • Introduction to Social Permaculture
    • history & ethics
    • principles
    • Looby McNamara's design web
  • Exploring the concept of Ikigai
  • What are your needs and your patterns (un/helpful) - individual work / groups of 2
  • Visioning - a guided path finding meditation session
  • Creative design session - group work
  • Celebrating your strengths - a self portrait
  • Mapping out the world's needs - individual work / groups of 2
  • What do you feel called to do? - Exploring vocations
  • Love doing - warming your heart
  • Evaluation, pause and gratitude - group session
  • Ikigai diagram - filling the blanks
  • Creative design session
  • Visioning & ideas
  • Pinning down goals
  • Identifying helps, limits
  • Framing ideas within ethics and principles
  • Evaluation
  • Action Plan
  • Momentum
  • Integration - group work bringing it all together
  • Design presentations
  • Celebration!
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