Consensus rules Definitions

  • Definitions/Rules that can only be changed by 100% of the members.
  • This definition is a Consensus Definition.
  • Terms that are not clear in a Consensus Rule/Definition should be defined as Consensus Definition.
  • A consensus definition should have examples, how the rules should be interpreted to avoid either endless definition or unclear terms.
  • Including delegation of votes from above
  • EHF ideals are “Consensus Rules”
  • KUM has also Consensus Rules
  • the person responsible for the location at the moment decides if they broke the rules and is responsible
  • for the process of avoiding this rules breaking again. For example warnings, bans, getting the opinion of people on site on a decision, etc.
  • At the moment the project manager is in charge of the location

Only members can propose changes to the consensus rules. Find out how you can become a member.

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