Membership for Eco Hacker Farm

Do you like what we are doing? Support our projects, register on the Project Management System and/or send Donations for Eco Hacker Farm to support us.

Would you like to visit us? You can use our hackerspace and tools, enjoy the fruits of the garden/farm. You will get discounts on the machines and materials. Contact us to discuss this further.

  • Contribute to the project by participating either online or onsite or both into ongoing projects and tasks in a positive manner
  • Agree to the ideals of the project
  • All members must be able to use the following:
  • Attend team meetings on a regular basis (2nd Thursday of every month)
  • Participate in decision making discussions
  • You can stay for extended periods in all of the projects locations
  • Start new, even commercial, projects with the support of the community and infrastructure
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