What is Kuckucksmühle?


Kuckucksmühle (Cuckoo Mill) is a historical water mill in the North East of Germany (Brandenburg Federal State). We aim to restore the mill and its outbuildings, set up a Hackerspace / Hackbase and permaculture farm.

Kuckucksmühle is part of the Eco Hacker Farm project.

Anyone who shares these ideals is welcome to participate online or on site in the ongoing projects.

We would like people to come, share their knowledge and participate in community activities linked to restoration of the old mill and its outbuildings, gardening, digital and hardware infrastructure, organizing and planning the future.


Have a look at the garden article.

Have a look in the pantry and at our recipes

We encourage our visitors and volunteers to learn more about Permaculture and have a collection of books on site to do so.

Do you have any relevant books that would fit in well with what we are doing? We would love to have them.

Support us with things we need, things that maybe are garbage to you or things that you realize you don't use but in a community it would make sense: List of things we use and want

Feel free to contact us if you think we could use something that you would like to give away: kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org

We currently receive no financial support from governmental bodies, foundations, or other NGOs. Make a donation to support us.

Donate using Liberapay. You can also pledge an amount and donate the money on your next visit, send us an email with your pledge amount to kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org.

As a community we want to document our research and our projects so that other communities or the future us can replicate or improve them when we need to with minimum effort.

Find out about events coming up periodically for people to hang out and work together as a community.

For a quick view you can also have a look at our calendar.

Please read our Conditions

You are more than welcome to come visit us! If you'd like to come stay please use the form here.

We offer free stays as part of our Volunteering programm when we have space and funding.

You can also apply for a one year internship post focusing on project management for income generation.

You can also write an email to kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org

Find out the directions here

You're very welcome to do so, you can start by reading our Project Management System Guide and contact us directly to let us know how you would like to help us.


If you are interested you can read about our structure, official set up and look at our financial records.

Read our membership definition article to find out how to become one.

Members of our community provide services in order to support themselves and the project.

As our community grows so do our skills and the services we can offer.

Send an email to kuckucksmuehle@ecohackerfarm.org

Sign up to our mailing list to participate in our discussions and find out about what is going on at the project.

Here is a list of platforms you can find us on.

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