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Eco Hacker Farm @36c3

Here we document the ideas and preparation for 36c3.

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  • A tea making corner - bring your own cup / tea to share
  • Shared meal (bread and spreads usually around brunch)
  • Evening popcorn

Assembly - Seed Exchange Station

  • seed exchange station set up
    • TO DO: signs - Seed Exchange Station
    • TO DO: print out on how it works:
      • You can bring all your seeds to the seed exchange!

All seeds are welcome: open-source seeds, rare species, your own special variety, but also your leftovers from supermarket seeds are fine! If possible, please bring small batches (10-20 seeds per bag) and label them with: - Cultivar / variety - Origin - Year - Any hints on:

  1. when and how to sow
  2. best environment to grow
  3. harvest

…will help! Please keep in mind that exchange partners with less experience will depend on your hints =) There will be some small bags and pens available at the assembly, so if needed you can do the labeling right there.

Assembly - powerplant

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