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Bank of Ideas

This page is an invitation to document your ideas for Eco Hacker Farm or any of our locations.

Ideas for Eco Hacker Farm will be discussed at the monthly meeting so you can participate actively if you want to in the discussion and decision making. Your ideas will be added on the agenda for the next meeting. If you're unable to make it for that meeting but would like to be there to discuss the issue we can postpone the initial discussion to the next monthly meeting, in which case please notify us by email on:

  1. register on the wiki
  2. edit this page to add your idea (please be respectful and don't delete other people's ideas)
  • Offsetting CO2 emissions generated by the projects and visitors - create a fund and #foodisfree project participation with fruit trees planted on public land - date added on this list: 09/03/2017 - agreed on the 13/04/2017 See Project
  • Time Bank System to exchange values between EHF project with each other but also people/projects who want to use the time bank system - date added on this list: 15/03/2017 - added to research
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