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Planning a journey to the lake

In your stay at Kuckucksmühle it is unlikely you will want to go a nearby lake without any long-term project managers being present who already have knowledge of how to do so.

If is the case though and the weather is good, the tasks for the day managed etc. then you will need the information about how to get there.

It's not obvious by internet search to someone who is not fluent in German which is the best and nearest lake to go to, so the safest bet is to head to 'Königsberg Campingplatz' ('Camping Königsberg Lake').

Before you head off check the condition of the bikes for the amount of people you have to take, lots of the bikes are in bad condition at the time of writing in 2019 so test each one you want to take to estimate the functionality of the tires etc.

If you ask nicely Regina and Veikko (neighbours down the road) may kindly lend you additional bikes to use.

When going to 'Camping Königsberg Lake' you will need €1 to enter and obviously a towel to dry yourself off after a swim as well as swimshorts. You can buy snacks there and may be able to take your own but for safety take them in a bag and be subtle as the owners more than likely want you to buy from them!

Address for Camping Königsberg Lake: Camping Konigsberg Lake, Barenthiner Weg 5, 16909 Heiligengrabe, Germany

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