Powerplant in person meeting @ CCCamp 2019

  1. Short intro about powerplant for new comers
  2. Current status of development
  3. Contributor Covenant
  4. Lowering of barriers for contributors
  5. Upcoming events
  6. Next in person meeting

Short intro about powerplant for new comers

Franz gives an intro about powerplant, what it does and which technologies are used for this. All the info is on the main wiki page. Petteri explains the information provided on the readme and where to find the current up to date version.

Petteri: all the updates are on github… the next item to work on are the implementation of functionality to design gardens and track garden progress.

The database pfaf are also doing another database for tropical plants

Progress with new contributors is going: there were good pull request on extracting more data from the database, properties and Petteri is cleaning the code and creating tickets on github to clean up the extracts. The UX was last week on the meeting so he is still interested.

Aimee: we should try to maybe direct people to in person meetings or to the mailing list Petteri & Franz: think it should be more organic all the info is already there

Reduced weekly meetings to monthly meetings, that combines organizational with dev teams and the dev team meets / communicates through IRC. Github will be the first contact, it should be easy to pick up tickets and later they can be more active in the community by IRC.

Petteri would like to write some tickets to cover the documentation tasks.

Aimee: it would be good to implement for our opensource project… it helps to show new contributors our code of conduct and also we can add ourself to the list of people /projects who already use it - good marketing. Petteri: likes it Franz: likes it too Aimee: I will be responsible for dealing with the emails / will add my email address on it

Aimee: emergent berlin - october, 36c3, fosdem 2020

Petteri: serbia - balkan computer congress - mid-september, fosdem 2020

Franz: 36c3, fosdem 2020

Beam: 2021 Hacktic

Robin: fri3de

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