powerplant GSOC 2018 - Participate as a Student

We meet weekly to discuss issues and progress on powerplant, you can join our meeting or contact us at live@ecohackerfarm.org

Students are encouraged to read our existing documentation about powerplant with particular attention to the software specifications and our list of ideas. Giving the app a spin would also be good so that the student knows what you are getting into.

Before writing your submission we would like to meet you, please join our weekly meeting to introduce yourself and talk to us about your ideas for submission. Ask questions: this will give you a head start and clarify any issues or misunderstandings.

We would like students to submit a written paper to cover the following questions (max word limit 1000):

  • Why are you interested in this project?
  • Do you fulfill the stated requirements for the project you would like to submit? Provide examples of previous experience where relevant
  • What are your expectations from the mentors?
  • What are your expectations from this experience?

If you want to use one of the projects from the list of ideas please include a copy of this in your proposal. If you want to submit your own idea include the project template in your submission.

Include a copy of your portfolio including relevant experience. If you don’t have a portfolio include link to a public professional social media account (ex. Linkedin or similar).

You may be asked to present your proposal at the weekly meeting and discuss this with the community.

Students will have the opportunity to liaise with the mentors for a quick introduction in order to work on and submit their coding challenge.

Students are invited to attend the weekly meetings, get to know the team and participate in the discussions. On an individual basis mentors assigned to the students will meet with them on a one to one basis and get to know each other and the project better.

During this four week period students are expected to set up their development environments, learn how their project’s source control works, refine their project plans, read any necessary documentation, and otherwise prepare to complete their project proposals.

Mentors will help their students understand which resources will be most useful to them, introducing them to the members of the community who will be most helpful with their projects, and generally acculturating them

Students will keep a record of their work including:

  • Project Proposal
  • Progress Reports
  • Code written
  • Documentation & Research

Together this set of documents will make up the Final Project Materials for evaluation.

For students to succeed they will need to:

  • Submit a project proposal for approval after first contact
  • Attend one-to-one meetings with their mentor/s
  • Attend any other meetings as required
  • Provide full documentation of their work and research
  • Submit error free code
  • Fulfill their project's expected results
  • Submit the Final Project Material in good time
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