powerplant application for Google Summer of Code 2018

This is a record of our application for the 2018 Google Summer of Code (GSOC).

There is a gap in open source community for permaculture design software, we want to promote and develop that field. We believe that providing students with an opportunity to get to know and contribute to the open source community together with the potential positive impact to the environment puts this project in good stead to have a long lasting positive impact in the world. We would like the opportunity to share our knowledge with the students whilst growing our community and advance the development of our project. We are passionate about open source, knowledge sharing and helping students to appreciate the value of community through the collaborative spirit.

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The administrators will ensure that the Mentors hold the agreed weekly one-to-one meetings and the weekly group meetings with their students along with ongoing support to their students, to check their work and provide feedback and guidance in order for the students to be well equipped to complete their project. This isn’t simply a weekly progress meeting but an opportunity for the students to discuss their ideas and get feedback to overcome challenges whilst working on their project. Mentors help each other when they need support. Should mentors be unable to keep up the meetings other members of the community will be asked to step into their stead.

Students will be guided by their mentors to keep on top of their schedule. Students will be asked to submit daily progress reports to the admin and the mentors (a few short lines) to explain what they have worked on and whether they have found any issues. This will help to pick up issues immediately by the admin and mentors along with constant feedback and assistance when required. The administrator will also have regular communication and meetings with the students to get their feedback on their experience and tackle any issues that are non-technical in nature. We require students to have GitHub account and guide them to do frequent pull requests that will then get reviewed and finally merged directly to our master branch. We ask students to be available on Mumble chat while they are working, so that mentors, administrators and students can meet daily to discuss their progress especially in the beginning.

Students are invited and encouraged to become an integral part of our community, to participate not only in the weekly group meeting and weekly one-to-ones with their mentors but also to share their ideas, suggestions and feedback through our ticket system and our mailing list. Students will be given a full induction course so that they become familiar with our community and the tools that we use in order to feel more comfortable and at home within the community.

Eco Hacker Farm is an open and welcoming community that fosters initiative and progress through a collaborative spirit, the projects are engaging and practical, students bring real value to the practicality and use of powerplant. Students will be able to see and feel the result of their work and their valuable contribution to the community at large. We invite students to remain active, work on existing projects and/or bring their ideas to the table for continuous involvement that goes beyond GSOC. They will be kept up to date through our mailing list and invited to participate in the various activities within the community for as long as they choose to remain a part of our mailing list.



16/01/2018 - No feedback expected until 12/02/2018

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