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 +====== Eco Hacker Farm Membership Definition Meeting ======
 +Date 13th September 2018 21:00 - 
 +Abbreviation used in this document: [[ecohackerfarm:​EHF|EHF]],​ [[ecohackerfarm:​PMS|PMS]]
 +===== Attendees =====
 +Aimee, Franz, Martin, Erin...
 +===== Agenda =====
 +==== Membership data - where do we store people’s data? ====
 +This meeting is a follow up to the discussion we had at the beginning of the year about membership and membership information. This would include a record of members and their membership fee payments. When it was paid last and when it is due next so the question is: 
 +What info do we need to have and where should we store it…
 +**Info needed:**
 +  * Name or AKA
 +  * Membership number / identifier
 +  * Date of payment
 +  * Method of payment
 +  * Next payment due
 +  * Parental consent if relevant
 +  * Consent to add to the mailing list for members
 +  * Contact details for payment reminder and receipt of payment
 +  * Email
 +  * Membership type
 +  * Seeder / Growers
 +For under 18/under legal age users we would need parental consent the membership definition page would have to be amended.
 +**Action point: add under legal age blur in the wiki page**
 +=== Storing of membership data: ===
 +It should be stored somewhere where I can easily access so that we can keep up with the payment reminders each month…
 +AES-256 encrypted, stored on the ecohackerfarm server. (backup happens daily, not controlled by google etc. [directly])
 +  * Maybe write a form similar to 0bin 
 +  * encryption happens on client side with pgp (public key <-> private key)
 +  * but in store with our own AES-256 key
 +  * Looking into syncthing or similar again
 +**Action point: Setup the form so that people can start using it**
 +**Action point: Update the wiki with the link to the form**
 +**Action point: Write a wiki page on the membership page about how we store people’s data.**
 +**Action points: transpose agreed points to the wiki**
 +**Target completion date - 1st week of December**
 +=== Questions / suggestions / ideas from attendees ===
 +//**Action Items should be added under each point**//
 +====Can’t edit this document? - No problem====
 +Send your addition / comment / suggestion / feedback in an email to [[life@ecohackerfarm.org|life@ecohackerfarm.org]] ​
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