Finca Esperanza Volunteering Program March to May 2022


  • compost toilet
  • micro cabin
  • outdoor shower
  • wood shelter
  • outdoor kitchen

Must have woodworking skills and experience.

Family friendly environment:

  • We would be happy to receive families with children


  • space to park your own caravan
  • camping place


  • 1 warm vegan meal per day (for the person working)
  • 1 light lunch per day - uncooked (for the person working)
  • Self foraged and gathered food from the vegetable garden


  • Potable water canister refilled twice a week (to be used only for drinking)
  • Non potable water from the alberca / water deposit (to be used sparingly for everything else)


  • A place to charge your devices

An introvert's paradise:

  • Very quite space in nature
  • Natural swimming pool (alberca)
  • Shaded and sunny spots to be in
  • WIFI - if you want you can buy a prepaid sim card in town with data from Orgiva
  • Pet friendly space - our dogs are unfortunately not friendly with other people's pets
  • Payment - we are not able to pay you, this is an unpaid volunteering position
  • Parties & entertainment - the place is very quiet and we like to keep it that way, this position would suit an introvert
  • Mains & water connection to caravans
  • Health insurance
  • Working clothes & safety shoes
  • Camping gear / sleeping bag - if you are not coming in your caravan
  • Warm clothes
  • Vaccination certificate

We might be able to lend you a tent please ask us if that's needed.

We are only accepting volunteers who agree not to smoke or consume drugs anywhere on the property. Drunk and disorderly behavior will not be tolerated.

Volunteers are free to spend their free time off the property, we ask volunteers not to invite or bring visitors back to the property without consultation with us.

Any visitors are subject to the same conditions as above in relation to smoking, drugs and alcohol.

We are only accepting volunteers who are vaccinated.

If you have any condition which we should know about in advance we encourage you to share that with us in confidence.

Should your stay start having adverse effects on your well being or anyone else's you may be asked to terminate your stay early.

We will pick you up and drop you off in Lanjaron at the beginning and at the end of your stay, if you would like to leave the property during your stay you can hitch a ride to town when we are running errands or hitchhike.

Please read our main page about the project before you apply.

All prospective volunteers will be interviewed before being accepted and the initial 2 weeks will be considered as a trial period.

We would like volunteers to stay until completion of all building work, we will provide materials and buy the necessary tools needed for the job.

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