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 +====== Permaculture Education App for Refugees ======
 +We are collaborating with the [[|Permaculture CoLab]] [[|Digital Circle]] to work on a open source offline first app for refugees in East Africa - we are partnered up with [[|Rwamwanja Rural Foundation]]. 
 +The app will be: 
 +  * offline first
 +  * support multiple languages
 +  * opensource
 +  * easy to maintain
 +===== Research =====
 +We do not want to reinvent the wheel, therefore we have looked at existing opensource projects on gitlab to see whether we could find one that fits our needs. 
 +  * [[|Android Academy]]
 +Do you know of other good alternatives? Please let us know by adding them on here. 
 +===== Minimum Viable Product =====
 +Current next steps are to put in some content and see how the app responds. 
 +===== Want to support this work? =====
 +You can make a donation [[|here]] - monies go towards development costs and content management. 
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